Ages 3+

Young Einsteins

The static electricity balloon experiment for kids

The children at Guardian Gungahlin invite you to experiment too!

You might not have a parachute at home, but with a balloon you and your child can try this simple, hands on experience and learn together at home. Experiment to see what else is attracted to or repels from the balloon once it has been ‘charged.’

Hint* bring the balloon close to small scraps of paper, or hold it next to a gentle stream of flowing water from the tap. Try rubbing two balloons on some wool or woolen carpet and then hold them close together.


What happens? Encourage your child to wonder why this is…


Ask your child why they think something happens and don’t be too quick to offer the ‘right’ answer!

Support them to think more deeply or critically by asking further questions or wondering out loud alongside them.

It’s wonderful to watch and to hear young children and to discover or wonder further ourselves about what children are thinking.

This helps us know what to introduce next to keep them thinking and learning!

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From Sue Tompson, Educator at Guardian Gungahlin

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