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Make our Tasty Tutti Fruity Muffins

Tutti fruity muffin recipe for breakfast or snack time

How does it taste? What does it smell like? These were some of the questions posed and the thinking explored with some of our babies and toddlers today.

The children enjoy looking at our big, beautiful passionfruit vine that we have nurtured since a seedling. It has an abundance of fruit popping up all over it. The children love to investigate daily, feeling and touching the fruit on the vine and then as we find ripe ones, we explore these too, smelling and cutting them open to investigate their texture and taste.


We picked some more today, and Carol turned them into yummy passionfruit muffins for the whole centre to enjoy for afternoon tea.

We have shared the recipe in the resource tab below for you to enjoy at home too!

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From Carol Feber, Lead Educator at Guardian Aspley

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