Ages 3+

Make Their Bed: Fun Tasks Around the House

Easy to follow instructions on how to make a bed for kids

Use that thirst for independence to teach them something new, and give yourself a hand around the house! Encouraging your child to try and make their own bed will inspire independence as well as support their understanding of the importance of helping with jobs around the house.

Our Educators at Guardian are skilled at supporting children to contribute to real world tasks – so they feel valued, important and acknowledged for their efforts. Being able to do things “all by myself” might be a challenge, but it’s also often a chance for learning.

Teaching a child to make their own bed is a great way to help them feel pride and develop a strong sense of self from their independent actions – an important developmental milestone. 

So repeat after us: “Tuck, Pull and Fold” .

We’ve also attached a handy guide to step you through this task.


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Sourced from “Bright Ideas for Young Minds”, developed and adapted by Alix Broadhead, NSW Curriculum Mentor

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