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Make Art out of Leftovers

Create food art for kids using the leftovers you have at home

Rouse Hill North Chef, Kate Stephens suggests getting your children involved in the kitchen as a fun activity that will pique their interest and love of food. One way she recommends doing this is by turning your meal into art! “Getting children involved in cooking doesn’t mean they have to prepare a whole meal,” says Kate. Instead, try making a fun snack together – the children at Kate’s Guardian centre love making their own Face Crackers.

Kate has also spoken with the team at The Carousel about fussy eaters. Do you have any at home? No problem! Dinnertime doesn’t have to end in tears! Kate and dietician Vanessa Schuldt have teamed up to share some positive ways to help parents and families expand their children’s palate and enjoy their meals. To read the article click here.

Video by Chef Kate Stephens at  Guardian Childcare & Education Rouse Hill North

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