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Find the Gifts in your Garden

Garden gift ideas kids can make with repurposed containers

As part of our commitment to the planet, we love reusing and recycling in all our Centres. And we invite you to do the same at home with this great activity.

You and your child might choose to repurpose an old coffee mug, a jug, colander, teapot or even a gumboot!

Gardens are full of gifts – new growth, changing colours, flowers, produce and the opportunity to visit wildlife friends. Transform an old mug or other discarded container and make a garden gift for someone special. What will your container of gifts carry? A memory of time spent in the garden together, a message of love, or the promise of a meal together flavoured with some home grown herbs?

Our downloadable resource below shares the steps to follow and further ideas for learning.


Things you’ll need

  • A small container for your garden. Mugs or cups work well. Jars, an old colander, gumboot or teapot could work too!
  • Potting mix
  • Gravel/pebbles
  • Note card.

Plant possibilities

  • Seedlings from the local garden centre
  • Potted herbs from the supermarket
  • Succulent cuttings straight from the original plant
  • Experiment with other cuttings from your garden. Pop a variety in a water in a sunny window and see which ones grow roots
  • Try re-growing vegetables in the same way – celery, lettuce and spring onions all grow back if you place the ends in water.

How to plant your garden gift

  • Place a layer of gravel or pebbles in the bottom of your container. If your container has large holes like a colander, line it with a piece of fabric to stop the soil washing way
  • Fill ¾ to the top with potting mix
  • Arrange your plants in the container, then fill the gaps with more potting mix
  • Water gently
  • Write or draw a message on the gift card.


The learning that grows with your Garden gift

Connections with nature and science – as your child explores plant growth.

Language, vocabulary and communication – as you and your child chat together about planning and planting your garden gift.

Emotional wellbeing – connect with nature and think about special people in your life.

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From Sue Thomson, Educator at Guardian Gungahlin

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