Explore the Joy of Bubbles!

Guardian’s homemade bubble mix recipe for family play time

This was a question posed to the Guardian team when these images of joy were captured and shared at Guardian Point Cook North.

The thoughts that transpired only made us wonder a little bit more!

“I wonder if it’s the bubble’s ability to be mysterious and also then to disappear…”

“Also the anticipation of the floating bubble adds an element of surprise and eagerness…”

“Is it possibly the joy in their unpredictability?”

“I would even say perhaps it may be the ‘predictability’ in some cases. Children (with prior experience) know about ‘bubbleness’ – the bubble asking, inviting, even taunting the child to pop it! Children perhaps know already the end of the story – that bubbles are catchable and poppable, dancing and shimmering, a vessel for mini-rainbows, in their ephemeral beauty, and the child’s anticipatory glee in knowing they must catch and pop before it disappears of its own accord!”

Why do you think bubbles bring so much joy?

Attached below is a bubble mix recipe is so that you can explore ‘bubbleness’ at home with your child, or children too. Don’t forget your camera!

Click here to read more about bubbles at Guardian Marsfield.

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From Casey Mildenhall, Teacher and Multi Site Educational Leader

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