Ages 2+

Lets Dance Outside in the Leaves!

Autumn leaf activities you can do with kids this season

Today at Rouse Hill North one of our Preschool children asked: “Why are the leaves all falling off the trees?” In a robust discussion under our 27yr old tree, another child shared her knowledge, gesturing to our gorgeous tree, “leaves fall because it’s getting cold.”

It is amazing to see how our natural environment has aroused such curiosity!

This discussion led to a decision to collect the leaves together and create a great hanging leaf pendant! ?


Do you have a variety of beautifully coloured leaves at your house or do you and your children find them when you’re out and about?

Consider taking a basket along and gathering some to bring home and investigate further.

Take the time to listen and observe your child’s interests with the leaves…

Is it the sound? Might it be the colours? The movement? Dance in the leaves, throw them in the air, use THEM as the paintbrushes…

From Connie Gonzalez, Educator Rouse Hill North

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