Butterfly display at Guardian Lemon Tree

Ages 1+

Big, Beautiful Butterflies

Activities to explore the butterfly life cycle for kids

Insects have been a big focus across our centre at Guardian Lemon Tree and the project has taken many forms – much like the elegant butterfly.

What began with a fascination for the bees we find in the herb garden buzzing around the flowers, or a squeal of delight at a dragonfly whirring around the trees has evolved into the adoption of two Pupa’s.

The children began to explore their understanding of a butterfly life cycle through one of our favourite books… and they have watched in fascination each day as our own chrysalis became more transparent and the markings on the wings of our butterflies become distinguishable.

It wasn’t long before one of the children noticed it moving… they called out to everyone around them to “come closer and look” as the first butterfly emerged from the safety of its cocoon. Being witness to this moment was magical, and the children seemed to understand just how precious this experience was.

The empathy and understanding for this small and fragile creature shone through as a silence fell over the classroom. “Eric” has become a member of the Lemon Tree community, with families asking after him, a brand new butterfly house has been built by one of our educators and the children prepare the special juice for him to enjoy each day.

Have you seen any butterflies or caterpillars in your garden?
Have a look at our Garden Discoveries resource below for some ideas on how you can explore your garden.

From Lily Donaldson, Teacher and Centre Manager at Guardian Lemon Tree

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