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We could list off a whole host of reasons to work for Guardian, but sometimes it’s better said by those who experience it first-hand.

“I choose Guardian because with all our wonderful differences we bring a similar passion, courage and determination to our profession.”

Joanne Cosentini, Curriculum Mentor

“I chose guardian, because it feels like a close- knit family who take care, inspire and support each other.”

Parveen Dhull, Lead Educator

“I love everything about Guardian! The work family it’s created; the people I’ve met from all over the state; the opportunities I’ve had to learn and develop. I feel we are not just ‘numbers’, we are cared for and supported. I love how we are acknowledged and given back to – it truly makes me feel appreciated. Coming up to 8 years for me at Guardian and it’s the longest work relationship I’ve had. I absolutely love my job!”

Lee Gradidge, Lead Educator

“Guardian support difference, inclusion and acceptance. They support kind, genuine, relationships and support individuals ready to reach for the stars. They give their people the opportunity to share, network and connect. I believe Guardian is the change in early childhood education that has been needed for so long. I know after almost 20 years in the industry that not all are like Guardian.”

Mandy Zahra, Teacher

“I am grateful that Guardian chose me three years ago. The opportunity to work with incredible teams and collectively strive for awesomeness has kept me going. The passion, the energy and the general good intent of everyone who works here is unique to the sector.”

Jenni Gaffney, General Manager Greenfields

“I have been in education and care for 15 years and have been at Guardian for 2.5 years. Guardian is the best I have ever worked for and this is because of the respectful relationships and kindness that is encouraged and happens every day. I’m so thankful to be a part of the Guardian family.”

Denee Mann, Teacher

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Some key roles at Guardian:

Centre Manager

Centre Managers have a unique role – they intersect the worlds of our children and families; our amazing Educators; and our Support Office teams. From business operations, through to ensuring our centres are meeting and exceeding National Quality Standards, our Centre Managers touch every aspect of life at Guardian and the people who choose to work with us and entrust us with the care of their children.

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Assistant Centre Manager/2IC

Our Assistant Centre Managers partner with the Centre Manager to mentor, lead and inspire the team to achieve success. Being an Assistant Centre manager can also open up opportunities for career progression to roles such as Centre Manager, Operations Manager, Curriculum Mentor or Quality Manager.

Educational Leader

Curriculum is at the heart of the Guardian difference. Our approach and commitment to educating children – be they 6 weeks or 6 years of age, sets us apart from other childcare providers. In this role, you will lead the development and implementation of the Curriculum in the centre, and mentor and collaborate with your team of educators to maximise each child’s development and learning.

Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

Our Early Childhood Teachers run the pre-kindy and kindy program whilst supporting Educators as they critically reflect on each child’s learning and development. Our team take the time to work with care, compassion and patience to get to know the children as individuals. This means they can deliver Guardian’s world-class Curriculum in a way that inspires children to develop a lifelong love of learning.


As in the home, our kitchens are often the heart of our centres – acting as a meeting place for children, families and Educators. Educating children about the importance of healthy eating and good nutrition is an important part of early childhood development, so our dedicated cooks are a central part of our teams.

To read more about the importance of healthy eating and good nutrition as an important part of early childhood development:

Room Leaders

Working closely with Educators and Centre Manager, our room leaders focus on individual development and mentoring in the education, care, and supervision of each child. They build meaningful relationships with educators, children and families to develop and implement innovative early learning programs that will set children up for formal schooling and beyond.

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