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The perks of working at a Guardian centre in Melbourne

Give back to families in your local community. Watch children’s eyes light up with joy and creativity as they play and learn. Join a team of hard-working and passionate professionals that support and mentor each other.

This is what working at a Guardian centre in Melbourne is all about. 

With over 50 childcare centres across Melbourne, we have plenty of opportunities for career placement working directly with children and their families in various roles. So finding a position that fits your personality, skills, and experiences is something we love to help you do.

A day working at one of Guardian’s Melbourne childcare centres looks like:

  • Guiding children through a high-quality, play-based learning curriculum
  • Teaching kids how foods are grown and harvested in our Melbourne centre gardens
  • Preparing healthy snacks and meals that are low GI and low on sugar and unsaturated fats
  • Watching kids play in custom-designed, sensory-rich indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Celebrating a world of cultures
  • Inspiring others to be good stewards of the environment

There are plenty of great perks waiting for you when you choose a career at a Guardian centre in Melbourne.

To learn more about the exciting perks our team members enjoy, call us today at 1300 765 560.

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Providing comprehensive benefits because you matter

At Guardian, we believe that learning and skill-building are lifelong processes so we provide a full benefits package designed to help all members of our team reach their highest potential.

The following benefits are offered at all of our Melbourne childcare Centres:

  • Professional development, coaching, conferences, and mentoring opportunities 
  • Highly-competitive remuneration packages
  • An employee assistance and hardship fund
  • Childcare discounts based on years of service
  • Monthly recognition and awards 
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Flexible work options
  • Employee referral program

By joining our team and providing childcare services to local families in Melbourne, you can help support the community and your own family at the very same time.



Exploring the different roles we offer

With over 50 childcare centres in the Melbourne area, we offer a range of flexible schedules.

The schedules in our Melbourne centres include: 

  • Full-time permanent
  • Part-time permanent
  • Casual
  • Full-time temporary
  • Part-time temporary

At Guardian, we understand that you have family obligations outside of work too. So we have positions for those looking for many hours per week or just a few hours per week as well.

And the flexibility in our Melbourne centres doesn’t stop there. We hire for several key roles within our centres which makes finding your perfect match a whole lot easier.

The key childcare roles in our Melbourne childcare centres include:

  • Chef/Cook/Kitchen Hand
  • Educators
  • Centre Managers
  • Enrolments
  • Curriculum
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Educational Leader
  • Lead Educator
  • Assistant Centre Manager
  • Trainee Educators
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Operations

As you can see, there are many opportunities to utilise your unique skills and talents to serve children right here in Melbourne.



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