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Becoming a childcare cook in a Guardian centre near you

Are you the kind of person who feels entirely at home in the kitchen—any kitchen? Maybe you like chopping fresh vegetables, coming up with unique ways to prepare a new ingredient, or seasoning your dishes with herbs straight out of the garden.

If so, you would make the perfect addition to any of the well-stocked kitchens we have at Guardian childcare centres throughout Australia. Cooking delicious snacks and meals in a Guardian kitchen is a very different experience than cooking anywhere else. And one you won’t soon forget. 

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A day in the life of a Childcare Cook at Guardian

A day in the life of a childcare Cook at Guardian is never the same from one day to the next—and it’s certainly never dull.

When you become a Cook at Guardian, you’ll spend your days:

  • Creating your own rotating menus that all the children in our centres will love
  • Incorporating seasonal ingredients into snacks and meals
  • Picking fresh vegetables and herbs out of the gardens we have on-premises

Plus, cooking at Guardian is a whole lot more than just preparing foods to feed lots of hungry stomachs. At all of our centres, we focus on providing balanced snacks and meals that are nutrient-dense and help young bodies stay healthy and grow strong. 

As a Cook at a Guardian centre near you, you’ll be tasked with preparing tasty dishes that are low GI and light on sugar and unsaturated fats. For us, feeding children well is a passion, and it’s a responsibility that we never take lightly. So, you can feel good about the meal prep you’re doing every day.

As a matter of fact, we need Cooks who take pride in the foods we serve at every mealtime and who understand that each person we feed matters. It’s not about numbers for us; it’s about providing service that goes above and beyond.

That’s why we also have a commitment to working directly with our families, designing menus that truly work for them, and helping them feel confident about leaving their children in our care. 

As a Cook in a Guardian kitchen, you’ll make sure that everyone’s individual nutritional needs are being met, particularly in regards to medical conditions, food preferences, and cultural considerations. Inclusion matters, and we want every family we work with to feel like they’re being heard. 

So, our Cooks stay in communication with families, tailoring meals as needed so that they’re medically appropriate, they take likes and dislikes into account, and they honour and respect each family’s culture.

And of course, safety is also a top priority when working in a Guardian kitchen. The Cooks at our centres uphold all food safety and hygienic practises for the well-being of everyone they feed. 

Want to work as a Cook at Guardian? Obtain your Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, and you’re already well on your way.

Moreover, our child care Cook jobs even come with the incredible opportunity to work directly with the children who attend our centres. So, you can share your passion for nutritious foods, help children broaden their palates, and aid them in learning important 21st Century Learning Outcomes like counting and weighing.

As a childcare cook, you’ll also get to:

  • Support children as they learn about the importance of healthy eating
  • Help children measure, mix, and pour
  • Show children which ingredients go into each of their snacks and meals
  • Develop children’s critical thinking skills in the kitchen, calculating ratios and brainstorming how foods change states of matter in the oven



The perks of being a Cook at Guardian

But those aren’t the only things to love about the careers in childcare that we offer.

Guardian Cooks are highly-esteemed members of our team. We recognize the importance of the role they play as both nurturers and educators for the children we care for. So, we’ve made a commitment to offering childcare Cook wages that are very competitive for the industry.  

And the childcare Cook pay rates we offer aren’t the only incentives for working at Guardian. 

We also provide a comprehensive benefits package to all our employees, flexible scheduling, loyalty schemes for discounted childcare, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and recognition and rewards. 

To find out more, contact us today at 1300 765 560.


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