27th April 2017

Wallaby Street Comes Alive With the Sound of Music

Wallaby Street childcare centre in Central Coast

Hear that? That’s the sound of the music coming from Wallaby Street Early Learning Centre in Blackwall, NSW. Recently the team at this Central Coast childcare centre have introduced a music program into the centre which has already proven very popular with educators, children and their families.

Through these experiences, children are developing fine and gross motor skills, social and cognitive skills as well as listening skills – plus they are having a lot of fun doing it too. The children collaborate with the educator to decide what instruments they would like to use and what songs they would like to sing. 2IC and Room Leader of the Kookaburra Room, Jane Cross says, “We quite often have parents who will sit with the children during these experiences of an afternoon and wait for their child before they go home.”

We hear direct from one of the Wallaby Street educators about the music experience at the centre.

Over the past few weeks many of the Kookaburra Room children have been keen to participate in playing the musical instruments. In the beginning we started off learning about how to keep rhythm and beats with the tapping sticks. Today the children asked to play the tapping sticks to the songs the educators have been teaching them. The children have been introduced to new songs that are easy to tap along to and they have explored concepts such as loud, soft, fast, slow, high, low, in front, behind and beside.

We explored the concept of cause and effect as we listened to the sounds the instruments made when we played the instruments differently. We noticed when we tapped the sticks slowly and softly they made a soft sound and when we tapped quickly and hard the sound was much louder.

As we sang the song “When You’re One,” the children pointed out how the sticks sounded when they were tapped on the floor. A little while later one of the children had a xylophone, she began by tapping it, then she ran the stick across the top of the bars and asked to share her discovery with the other children. A small group of children asked to play musical instruments. The instruments have paintings on them and one of the children informed the educator the paintings were Aboriginal.

During this experience the children demonstrated social skills as they waited for their turn to choose instruments and then when they were waiting to have individual turns when the educator sang “I Am A Fine Musician.” They also displayed listening skills as they followed directions and noticed the change in the speed we were playing the instruments.

Wallaby Street childcare centre in Central Coast

Wallaby Street provides a breakfast station for busy families.


Learn more about Wallaby Street Early Learning Centre

Wallaby Street is a fantastic childcare centre in Blackwall in the Central Coast of NSW. The centre offers an environment which is like a home away from home complete with cosy interiors and an excellent outdoor space. Alongside the mud pit, resident chickens, digging patch and fruit trees, the centre provides a breakfast station for families every morning. A fruit bowl and some bottles of water have been set up as a nice gesture for families who are quite often in a rush due to commuting or working early.

The service has just acquired an eight-seater pram in which they are very excited to start using. They’re currently in the process of collaborating with the team to decide what excursions they’d would like to implement which will follow up some of the current project work that is going on. Watch this space!

A kind note from a parent

I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of the educators at Wallaby Street. Your tireless hours, endless love for my children, endless patience, for everything you teach my children and for being wonderful human beings to me when I need it most.

Thank you. A million times.

We love you all so much for everything you do. Thanks for being you.

Kind regards

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