21st May 2018

The Sky’s the Limit with Export Park’s Weekly Airport Excursions

Export Park Early Learning Centre excursions

Uniquely located near Adelaide airport, children at Export Park Childcare Centre are in the exciting position to experience various aspects of the airport within walking distance.

Every Tuesday children from the “Waddlers” room get the opportunity to participate in an excursion to the airport. To give all children in the room the chance to visit the airport, Centre Manager Toni Shatwell says, “Each week eight different children go on the excursion so that at least once a month every child has had a turn. The educators also take alternate turns so that they too can have an outing.”

Utilising the eye-catching mega-pram, the children don yellow vests and hats and are safely buckled into the pram before heading off. While walking to the airport children are enthusiastic, excited and verbally communicate with each other and educators as they point out things that interest them. From the many modes of transport they see including, cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and bicycles, to seeing planes take off and land, the journey to the airport is an adventure in itself!

Export Park Early Learning Centre excursions

The children also meet a range of people on their excursions to the airport. Toni says, “The security staff are extremely helpful and are so excited to see us. They approach us, talk to the children and also wave to them. Many of the children respond by waving or smiling and others are very shy.”

“Many airport workers drive under the tunnel of the building and as they drive past they wave to us. Passengers also get off of the smaller planes and wave to us as they walk into the airport. People at the airport enjoy coming to have a chat with us and ask many questions about our excursion.”

Going on excursions is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their sense of identity, experience the community around them and have a lot of fun (while learning a lot) outside the walls of the centre. The excursions at Export Park Childcare Centre really are air-ventures for the children!

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