30th January 2017

The Munro Street Magic

Munro St Interior

Situated in a recently renovated and redesigned heritage-listed church, the Munro Street Early Learning Centre is a uniquely charming and welcoming space. Its warmth and creativity make a meaningful environment for your child to begin their thinking and learning journey.

We’ve worked hard to create an inspiring and peaceful education and child care centre that feels like home. Our families often mention the sense of community they experience the moment they walk through the door.

By creating stimulating and engaging environments that promote a sense of comfort, security and support, our community of caring and professional educators intentionally carry this feeling throughout the entire centre.

The unique layout within our centre allows for up to five different learning environments. A flexible main space and two smaller rooms can be adapted to cater to the children’s interests as they naturally grow and change.

Our outdoors spaces are purposely designed to encourage peaceful exploration as well as dynamic activity, all while surrounded by trees.

Munro St Outdoor

To fully utilise the spaces, our professional and dedicated educators set up new ‘invitations of learning’ each day. These areas are designed to encourage the children to engage in learning that innately builds on their interests from the day before.

Our diverse team of educators will champion your child’s natural curiosity and nurture a sense of wonder in discovering the world around them. The continued studies and extensive areas of expertise held by our educators allow them to regularly bring new ideas to their work.

Our Centre Manager, Emily Bates holds a Master of Special Education. With a sound understanding of children’s behaviours, she promotes pathways that support social and emotional wellbeing through early learning and early childhood development.

In addition to early learning qualifications, one of our educators, Kate Fawcett, holds a Bachelor of Music, enabling her to encourage creativity through musical knowledge. Kitty Spencer our Educational Leader at Munro Street, is involved in floristry. Using this lens, she helps the children with sustainable practices and embeds in them, a strong respect for the natural environment. The unique interests and background of our team ensures a vibrant atmosphere where we can really celebrate each child’s individuality.

The uniquely warm and welcoming Munro Street Early Learning Centre is just a short walk from the Auchenflower train station. It’s a convenient location for families living or working in the Auchenflower area as well as those commuting into Brisbane’s CBD. We invite you to come in and experience the unique combination of beautiful, purpose-designed indoor and outdoor environments and meet our team of caring and creative educators. Through contemporary thinking and practice, Munro Street Early Learning Centre seeks to inspire a lifelong passion for learning.

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Update: Munro Street Early Learning Centre is about to introduce all meals to their centre! The nutritious meals will be catered externally and will not affect the fees at this stage. Come and check out the delicious eats!

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