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Preparing Children for School and Life

At Guardian, we believe setting the foundations for future success starts with a child who is confident and aware of our ever changing and globally connected world.

Each child offers a world of wonder, questions and exploration. Our educators are skilled at evolving this exploration and discovery to encourage 21st Century skills, including science, numeracy, literacy, and creative thinking. Read more

Woolworths Parent Information Session: Dr Elanna Yalow On Early Learning

On Wednesday 23 May, Dr Elanna Yalow shared some valuable insights into the world of early learning and childcare with some Woolworths families.

In previous talks, Dr Elanna Yalow covers topics highly relevant to modern families. Watch some of snippets of her talks addressing a range of topics including play-based learning, screen time, gender balance and identity, and dual language exposure below.

Thank you to the families to attended! Read more

Charlotte Street Creates Their Own Kindy Village

As a childcare centre in Brisbane’s CBD, children are exposed to a bustling urban experience daily. It is from this that Guardian Early Learning – Charlotte Street’s Kindy Village project grew.

The centre’s Curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, which means there is a focus on community learning, with multi-age experiences and flexible spaces within an open plan setting. The centre’s Educational Leader Pip Ivers says the Kindy Village began as a thread of learning stemming from the Kindergarten children’s love of small worlds. Through this, she wanted to support children as they explored concepts of identity and community. Read more

Making a Smooth Transition to ‘Big’ School

Starting school can be a huge adjustment for both children and their families. They must make a huge leap to meet people’s expectations of them and these demands can be stressful. On top of their new responsibilities, everything else is also different; larger buildings, more crowded classrooms, and a new vulnerability as the smallest person in the playground. At the same time, there are fewer adults around and different routines to fit into. Read more

Documenting Your Child’s Learning Journey Via Storypark

We believe that two-way communication between families and educators is an important part of a child’s early learning journey. Photographs and descriptions of daily experiences are delivered to families via Storypark – an app in which only you and the people who you choose can view what your child experiences at the centre on a daily basis. These are used as a record of your child’s learning outcomes, including their social and emotional progress and their academic journey. Read more

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