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The Benefits of Choosing an Early Learning Centre Close to Work

Do you choose an early learning centre that’s close to home or close to work? It’s a debate that has plagued parents since the beginning of childcare history. While there are arguments for both sides, there’s nothing more exciting for a child than jumping on a bus and heading in to work with mum or dad. And, it turns out, there are several benefits for parents when it comes to choosing a city-based centre. Read more

A Walk in the Park for Margaret Street Early Learning Centre

There are many benefits in having a childcare centre in the CBD. One such benefit is the seemingly endless options for exciting excursions. From trips to the nearby museum to visits to local businesses, every week presents something new for the children. Recently the children from Margaret Street took a walk to the park which was inspired by one of the books they had recently read. Educator, Joan Richardson, tells us about this excursion. Read more

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