2nd May 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away | The SES Visits Bruce

Childcare centre in Bruce

March was certainly a wet month for those on the East Coast of Australia! Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce had its fair share of rain, so much so they had to call in the SES. Educator Sandi Hudson shares with us the exciting story of the day the SES came to the centre.

Today after the huge amount of rain we had, a massive puddle outside in the yard had formed. Many of the children watched out the windows as the rain came pouring down and we discussed with the children where they think rain comes from, how it gets to the clouds and why it rains. Most of the children were a little unsure, but did know that they rain came from the clouds. We plan on expanding on these discussions with the children over the coming weeks.

Childcare centre in Bruce

As the rain continued to pour, there was an excess amount of water that reached up to the doors and began to come under the door creating a pool of water inside. As this began to happen, the SES came out to help us get rid of the water.

Many questions were raised from the children about who these people were that came to help us and what they were doing outside.

The educators spoke with the children about who they think comes to help during storms and flooding.

  • Evelyn – “the fireman come to help”
  • Ben – “the emergency”
  • Thoraya – “Policeman”
  • Maverick- “the fireman”

Sandi then discussed with the group about the SES and the role they play in our local community and how they help us during times of need such as during storms and flooding.

Childcare centre in Bruce

Everyone then put on their gumboots and made their way outside to have fun in the muddy puddles and work out ways they could get rid of some of the water.

Ben suggested that we get some shovels and scoop out the water, Jack said “maybe we can use some buckets.”

This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about different services in the community and how each one helps during different situations. This experience also offered the children the chance to get messy and have fun jumping in the huge muddy puddle, which proved to be very popular amongst the children.

It was great to see that so many children already have a great understanding of the different roles that people play in our local community and how they all help us to be safe. It was also interesting to see that the SES was not widely understood by the children and educators will plan to expand on this learning.

What did the children learn?

Children took away many learnings from this experience including developing a sense of belonging to groups and communities, social responsibility and respect for the environment. They also were developing their problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigative skills.

Learn more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce

Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce is a wonderful childcare centre in the ACT with lots of bright, nature-inspired spaces for children to play, grow and explore. With a number of creative projects including a writing station, indigenous programs and art studio, children are given a wide range of opportunities to learn and to engage in activities that interest them.

To learn more about this childcare centre in the ACT, book yourself in for a tour here.

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