20th March 2017

Sand and the City with Little Steps Bligh Street

Little Steps childcare centre in Sydney

The children at Little Steps in Bligh Street are no strangers to an inner city excursion. Recently they visited the Museum of Sydney’s Sand in the City exhibition which proved to be fun, exciting and educational for the children.

Our educators share what happened on this particular excursion…

It looked like it was going to be a rainy and miserable day, but there was no way it could be because we were going to the Museum of Sydney to see the Sand in the City exhibition. After hearing lots of great things from other children and their parents, we were excited for this excursion.

The rain had been non-stop for most of the day but when it finally took a break, we used this as our chance to walk down. We entered the museum and used our manners by saying a beautiful “good morning” to the person at the front door.

Little Steps childcare centre in SydneyAs we arrived, we saw heaps of cool window displays on the door. The children were curious and asked many questions about what they saw. The first display that caught their eyes were the bones, which looked like dinosaur bones, but in fact was bones of a dog—a Labrador to be exact. They were stunned when I told them it was a dog and asked, “how did it get like that? Why is it all broken?” and “How did they out it in the window like that?”

It was then time for us to go up to the exhibition. The children were responsible, pressed the button of the lift to go to level 2, and were shocked by the enormous lift.

We got to the Sand and the City exhibition and it was magical. Right away the children were looking up and around at where the light was coming from and how it was changing. They discovered that it was the projector.

Little Steps childcare centre in SydneyThen everyone saw the Lego. Amazed at how much Lego there was, Louis said, “Wow I’ve never been here before.”

Everyone began to make their own Lego creations. Oliver created a flying spaceship, which he began flying around the room right after making it. Barrington made a speed boat with people inside it. Nathan made an ice boat which was cool because he explained that it was a ship that was able to go on the ice but nobody got frozen because the people were inside and it was a secure cabin where everyone was safe.

Most of the children really wanted to touch the large display made from Lego, but Lila and Kiyan pointed to the hand with the cross it meant do not touch. It was important we followed these instructions so we would be welcome there again.

Ava really liked the Duplo wall, and spent a lot of time simple creating with it and she really liked the colouring section, where she coloured in a dolphin to give to mummy.
Little Steps childcare centre in Sydney  Little Steps childcare centre in Sydney Little Steps childcare centre in Sydney
Louis really wanted to touch the big castle, so he did, and he discovered that it was really hard, and perhaps not made from sand, it just looked like it was made from sand.

We spent a lot of time at the museum because it was pouring outside, so we had to waitfor the rain to pass. Eventually it did, so we made a dash back to school even though it
was sprinkling, we were undercover and it was fun to get a little sprinkle on us.

We spoke about walking slowly because it was wet, and some of our shoes may not have enough grip at the bottom so it would mean we would slip on the ground. Everyone did very well, listened to the instructions and, most importantly, had fun.

Learn more about Little Steps

Conveniently located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Little Steps is a childcare centre that provides high quality early learning in a safe and nurturing environment. The regular excursions are a highlight for children and give them an opportunity to engage with their environment.

To read more about Little Steps and to book a tour, head here.

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