Guardian’s Best Recipes of 2019

Guardian's best recipes of 2019

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Through carefully created meal plans, Guardian provides children with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce prepared by our on-site cooks.

In addition to our delicious menus items, our cooks and Educators often host cooking experiences where children are invited to collect ingredients from our herb and vegetable gardens and actively participate in the cooking.

Here, we’ve collected our best recipes shared on the Guardian blog in 2019. Ranging from snacks, lunches and dinners, there’s something for everyone to try at home.

Kate’s Homemade Ice Blocks

Guardian's best recipes: children making homemade ice blocks

Playdays Rouse Hill Chef, Kate, shares her favourite flavour combinations and handy tips for making homemade ice blocks. 

See Kate’s recipe here.

Chelsea’s Gazpacho Recipe

chelsea's gazpacho recipe

Simple gazpacho recipe, which is perfect for balmy evenings or for families looking to get ahead in their meal prep.

See Chelsea’s recipe here.

Fernando’s Italian Pork Ragú Lasagne Recipe

Fernando's lasagne recipe

101 Collins Street Chef, Fernando, shares his famous recipe for Italian Pork Ragú Lasagne, which is a firm favourite among the children and Educators at the Centre. 

See Fernando’s recipe here.

Elaine’s Coconut, Quinoa and Oat Cereal Bar Recipe

Elaine’s Coconut, Quinoa and Oat Cereal Bar Recipe

Coorparoo Chef, Elaine, shares her secret cereal bar recipe in celebration of joining the Guardian team in 2019. As a mum of two teenagers, Elaine knows a thing or two about preparing nutritious meals for fussy eaters, and her cereal bars have become a crowd favourite.

See Elaine’s recipe here.

Chelsea’s Spring Vegetable Gnocchi Recipe

chelsea's spring vegetable gnochi

Chelsea is passionate about sharing new plant-based recipes with the children and fellow Guardian cooks. Her spring vegetable gnocchi is a hearty meal for the whole family to enjoy.

See Chelsea’s recipe here.

Fernando’s Colombian Chicken and Rice Recipe

Guardian's best recipes: Fernando's Columbian chicken and rice

Fernando brings creativity and fun to the 101 Collins Street kitchen, cooking colourful dishes and adding an element of excitement to every meal. As an ode to his childhood, Fernando shares an easy, traditional recipe for Colombian Chicken and Rice.

See Fernando’s recipe here.

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