1st March 2017

Queens View – More Than Just A Pretty Space

Market Street Early Learning Centre child care in Sydney

One of the first things you will notice when you walk into Market Street Early Learning Centre – Queens View is the impressive view over the Queen Victoria Building, but there is so much more to this childcare centre in Sydney’s CBD.

From weekly excursions where the children immerse themselves in their urban environment to the team of dedicated and experienced educators, every day their confidence in problem solving, speaking skills and the ability to navigate the real world is built upon.

The centre itself holds its own world of learning with a specific art space, large sandpit and a beautiful outdoor space which receives plenty of sunshine and exposure to weather elements (which we’re all familiar with in Sydney!). This exposure has spiked the children’s interest and has in turn created long term projects in weather, scientific exploration of light and shadows and even observational drawings of the Sydney city skyline.

Loose parts theory in child care

Natural resources are available to children.

There are loose parts resources in both indoor and outdoor spaces where the children can move, carry, combine, redesign, line up, take apart and put back together the materials in multiple ways. The beauty of these materials (which include rocks, pegs, tins, bottle caps and sticks) is that there are no specific set of instructions which allow the children to use their imaginations and problem solve at the same time.

Sustainability is a huge focus at Market Street Early Learning Centre – Queens View with a dedicated sustainability educator who has developed a sustainability plan that includes a veggie patch, worm farm and native Australian plants. The children take on the responsibility of taking care of and watering the gardens which has even resulted in a few vegetables!

With a range of resources and spaces for the children to learn and develop, plus the support of the experienced educators, it’s easy to see that Queens View is more than just a pretty space.

Want to find out more about Market Street Early Learning Centre – Queens View? Head here to learn more and to book a tour.

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