12th May 2017

We’re Putting the ‘Garden’ in Acacia Gardens

Playdays Acacia Gardens

The children at Playdays Acacia Gardens have been gardening up a storm over the past few weeks. With their newly renovated backyard, the educators and pre-schoolers are making the most of the new space by planting a range of vegetables in the garden.

What have they been planting, you ask? A variety of delicious veggies! They’ve been busy planting kale, spinach, snow peas, onions, carrots, broccoli and many strawberries, and now they are patiently waiting to eat what they are growing. Centre Manager Dee Cole, says they are hoping to use the vegetables they grow in future lunches, that are made fresh at the centre.

Playdays Acacia Gardens

The pre-schoolers are gaining a wealth of experience from their gardening adventures. From learning that food doesn’t just come from the shop, to self-sufficiency and learning how food grows, the children are discovering many exciting things. They’ve also been out in the garden, watering the plants and tending to them, all the while learning about sustainability.

And it just keeps growing! The local council has just delivered 20 herb plants to Acacia Gardens. Dee says, “We will be planting them and hopefully have enough for parents to take home when required.”

We’re expecting big things from this little garden!

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Playdays Acacia Gardens is a community focussed early learning centre in Sydney providing long day care in a supportive and friendly environment. With highly trained educators who are truly passionate about children, homely environments and nutritionally balanced meals, both children and families enjoy their time at this centre.

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