23rd February 2017

The Power of the Individual at Kent Street Early Learning Centre

Kent Street Early Learning Centre in Sydney

Kent Street Early Learning Centre is a childcare centre in Sydney that values the voices of children and families. Whether that is by allowing the children to explore on their own terms or listening to parental feedback and suggestions, Kent Street listens.

According to Centre Manager Helen Wood, ‘Our curriculum includes an approach to learning that focuses on empowering the individual and establishing a culture of independence, friendship and collaboration with children, families and educators as valued sources of learning.’

With specially designed spaces built to develop each child’s individual interests and ideas, children can engage in music, scientific discovery and dramatic play in a variety of rooms set out over two spacious floors. At Kent Street Early Learning Centre routines are flexible and are based on the individual needs of the child. Their educators take the time to create relaxed and purposeful spaces for children to explore at their own pace.

Children at the centre are also given the freedom to explore what interests them from Kent Street’s abundant range of resources and materials which helps to foster individuality and independence.

Mixed age play at Kent Street

Mixed age play is an important part of Kent Street Early Learning Centre’s program and has benefits for both older and younger children at the centre. Older children have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and provide support to others all while building their own self confidence. Younger children in turn are given the chance to develop skills such as self-feeding and appropriate social play as well as being surrounded by children with different language levels.

A unique outdoor space in the CBD

A rare feature in the inner city, this childcare centre in Sydney has a progressive outdoor space where the children can enjoy activities in the sand pit and explore our array of trees and herbs. Of the space, Helen Wood notes, ‘Children are constantly working towards promoting sustainable practices within the centre including access to a worm farm, open air garden and a large amount of natural light and open spaces that values natural materials.’

Book a tour

Interested in experiencing what Kent Street Early Learning Centre offers first hand? Book yourself in for a guided tour with one of their friendly educators to get a real feel for their centre.

Kent Street Early Learning Centre is conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, this centre cares for children aged from six weeks to six years old.

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