22nd August 2017

Party Planning Tips for the Best Party Ever

Party planning tips

Whether you’re in the ‘I love planning children’s parties’ camp or whether you subscribe to the more loathing leaning, there’s no easy way out of getting the nitty gritty done. When you’re elbow-deep in icing and are drowning in hundreds and thousands, it’s important to remember – it’s supposed to be fun. That’s why we’ve collected eight party planning tips to see you through.

Decide on Duration

A short time is a good time. Keeping your party between two and three hours will make for a more merry event. Because the celebrations are short lived, make sure you’ve got a good activity planned to kick off the festivities.

Pick a Place

Kids don’t care about decor or the bells and whistles. Give them room to run around and you’ve already thrown the best affair you can. A local playground or your own backyard can provide endless fun and the best part is… there’s no mess to muck around with afterwards. Take rubbish bags and make sure you clean up after your celebration.

Provide for Parents

Just getting a toddler to a party can be a feat in itself, so make sure you spare a thought for tired parents. Supplying a couple of snacks and something to sip on will go a long way towards taking care of your caretakers.

Stay Organised

To give your party some pace, keep the children interested by having a run sheet. When you’re working within such a short timeframe, an itinerary will help keep things moving. Just make sure you factor in some flexibility.

Party Playlist

Remember, it’s not about you. Children don’t usually dig obscure indie-folk, so make sure you play music that gets them grooving. Each child is different, so get your youngster involved in the music. Taking requests is a great way to create atmosphere.

Food Fare

There’s usually a lot going on at a children’s party; a blur of children whizzing about. When excitement levels are high, children tend not to eat that much, so don’t over-do it and remember to find out about allergies before you plan your food.

Looking for some healthy party food ideas? Head here.

Know Names

We all know how hard it can be to put names to faces. There’s nothing worse than the embarrassment of drawing a blank when you’ve met many times. To avoid these awkward moments, make some name tags for your guests.

Keep it Simple

Running party games can get too complex and cause littlies to lose interest. Instead, set up some activity stations, a couple of tables: craft, cookie decorating, and Lego. That way, children can create their own fun and engage their energy in something creative.

By following these simple suggestions, you can embrace a fun, child-friendly celebration. Thinking about how children interact, move around, eat and entertain themselves can go a long way towards creating a fantastic function.

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