Adjusting to New Routines: Supporting Your Child!

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Adjusting to new routines: supporting your child

Children and families often have very busy lives! At this time of year, children in our Centres are settling into their new learning spaces, and families often have older children at home who are settling into their new grade at school.

Learning to adapt to their new routine can take a bit of time and patience for the whole family.

Some tips to help for a smooth transition (because we all want to avoid chaos!)

  • Chat about the changes to your child’s routine – they may be able to let you know what they are enjoying, or they may have questions. The ‘new normal’ as they get settled into the year can create a whole mix of emotions for a child!
  • As families know, being patient and supportive always goes a long way with children. It takes time to adjust to a new routine, so words of support and encouragement will never go astray!
  • Let them take charge! If your child is interested, they may like to have some new responsibilities like choosing their outfit for the day, or packing their own bag (or maybe just their water bottle!)
  • Get excited! When families show their child that they are positive and excited about new learning spaces, new educators and friends, this can be contagious!

Settling into a new routine can sometimes be a challenge, but children are resilient. With patience, time and support, children will learn to adapt and thrive!

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