Toddlers at Guardian Bentleigh East Explore Upcycling Furniture

child looking into infinity table

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The team at Guardian Bentleigh East have outdone themselves with their latest creation: an infinity table created from an old picnic table.

Lead Educator, Cam, shared details on the project and how the children have responded to the clever creation.

“The project was inspired by the children and their curiosity and interest in lights and reflection. I also felt the need for a special new resource to engage the children and decided to make something,” shares Cam.

“We had the picnic table in our room for a few years and the original plan was to give it a new paint job. After doing some research online and with the help of my husband, who is a great handyman, the idea to create an infinity table was born.”

child playing with shapes on infinity table

Over a period of two weeks, Cam and her husband constructed the infinity table. Using the frame of the original table, they added wood, mirrors and lights to create the illusion of a bottomless table.

“We often talk to the children about sustainability, recycling and reusing what we have in different ways. The infinity table is such a visible, fun and interactive way to show children just how far we can take this idea,” says Cam.

“Having it in our Toddler 2 room has given us so much to talk about and is a perfect invitation for the children to wonder, hypothesise and share their thinking.”

children trying to put teddies in infinity table

The children were particularly interested in the lights and their reflections, and questioned where the items were going once placed on the table.

“Can I go in it?” asked Sebastian, lifting his leg to climb in.

“Yay, a new table!” exclaimed Darcy.

Aliya kept placing her bunny on the table, expecting it to fall through.

In addition to the science and inquiry aspect of this project, Cam and the team have found that the table is an effective way to create a calmness in the room at certain times of the day. 

Children using infinity table @ Guardian Bentley

“We put the blinds down and turn the infinity table on and children are drawn to the lights. They come over and look at their reflections and watch the lights change,” says Cam.

“They often have conversations with one another and are still trying to conclude how nothing falls in and disappears when placed on the table. These conversations and ongoing conclusions are fascinating and give us real insight into how children think, connect with and process what they are seeing and learning.”

Cam shared that the feedback for the infinity table has been great, with many families mentioning their child’s excitement and questions about the table.

“The infinity table has been a great addition to the room and the response has been amazing. We plan to keep adding different resources for children to explore, including colourful window panes and loose parts.”

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