1st August 2017

Megaprams Out and About in Brisbane

Early learning centres in Brisbane excursions

If you’ve been on the streets of Brisbane lately, you may have seen some rather unusual looking megaprams out and about. The children from Guardian Early Learning Newstead, Queen Street and Charlotte Street have recently acquired these unique “megaprams” and have been taking them for a spin around the local community.

Newstead Centre Manager Mel Hunt says, “These excursions are important to our centre as the children enjoy getting out and about and it helps the children learn about their community and what is around them.”

Queen Street’s Centre Manager, Emily Pettett adds, “It is important for the community to see children as capable and confident individuals who are connected to their world. Adults have so much to learn from children and vice versa and this is a great way to introduce the two.”

It’s also about getting out of their comfort zone and showing the children that they are a part of something bigger. Sarah, an educator from Charlotte Street notes, “This gives us many opportunities to extend our interest into the centre so we are able to reflect back on these memories.”

Where have the children been recently?

The Queen Street children have been on excursions in the megaprams to the Botanical Gardens where the 3 – 5 year olds did yoga on the grass. The babies have been along the river and watched the boards and water feature along the boardwalk. Emily comments, “We wanted to introduce the children softly to the idea of being out of their centre environment so we have chosen a variety of locations for the children to visit with many different capacities.”

The children at Guardian Newstead have been busy exploring too! They’ve been walking up to the Emporium and Gasworks lately – these spaces have great areas like grassy parks, walking paths and even a waterfall for children to explore. “We chose to walk around our community so that the children are aware of their community and it gives them a sense of belonging to Newstead,” says Mel.

Mel goes on to say, “The children chatter all the time on our excursions and are constantly pointing at various things that we then can bring back to the centre and talk about and add to our daily programs. The children are able to learn about their community and it is also a very sensory learning experience where they can see, hear and touch things.”

As for the children at Charlotte Street, Sarah says, “Recently we have taken the megaprams out for excursions to the cathedral which is located across the road from our centre. We like going there as it has beautiful surroundings for the children to explore including grass areas, art works, and wonderful historical architecture including a big bell the children like to explore by tapping it and trying to make bell sounds themselves.”

Excursions at early learning centres in Brisbane

A hit with families

Not only are these out and about excursions popular with the children, educators and the local community, the families love them too – with some families even joining in on the adventures. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the local area and feel they are a part of the community. Emily believes that “by using excursions to connect children to their world we expose children to many sources of learning. They become confident in the community and create connections that are reciprocal and respectful.”

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