13th September 2018

Meet the team at Elizabeth Street Early Learning Centre

Elizabeth Street ELC team

In the heart of Sydney’s CBD is Guardian Elizabeth Street Early Learning Centre, a childcare centre that boasts a fantastic outdoor space (a rare sight in the city!), fun-filled learning programs and team of passionate Early Years Education professionals.

With a strong and committed team, we decided to take a moment to get to know a few of Elizabeth Street’s educators to find out more about their stance on early learning and what they love about this early learning centre in the CBD.

Lauren Batger, Centre Manager

Lauren has been at Elizabeth Street for three months and loves knowing she’s making a positive impact on the next generation and encouraging children to be the best version of themselves. Being relatively new to the centre, she’s been welcomed into its thriving culture and is in awe of the respect, enthusiasm and passion that the educators have for the children and each other. When she’s not at work, Lauren can be found reading a page-turner, hanging out with her family, or relaxing by the sea.

Karen, Educator

Having been at Elizabeth Street for 14 months, Karen savours being part of each child’s learning experience, being an integral part of the team and using her creativity. She thrives in the passionate team environment and feels lucky to work at a place where she learns something every single day, from every single person (little or big). When she’s not at work, Karen can be found writing her 2nd novel or spending quality time with her loved ones.

Michelle, Educator

Having been at ELC for 12 months, Michelle finds absolute joy in working with the children and team of educators. She loves and cherishes the sense of belonging among the educators, children and families at Elizabeth Street. Besides working with children, she’s also a big fan of the fantastic outdoor area, right in the heart of the CBD. When she’s not at work, Michelle can be found enjoying some of Sydney’s stunning coastal walks, a lazy day at the beach, or chatting with friends.

Side by side

Even though the team are a diverse group from an array of cultural backgrounds, they all have one crucial thing in common: the love of early years education. At Elizabeth Street Early Learning Centre, they take the time to do things right. If something’s not working, they look at why then make changes. This tact helps them put the children first to inspire, instil, include and support. They also look after each other – this is a place where educators, children and families feel as though Elizabeth Street is their second home.

Our educators understand that by supporting and encouraging each other, they’re better equipped to support and encourage our children. Within this nurturing culture, they have the confidence to attempt new, creative ideas. They share ideas within the centre to collectively lift the quality of our education and care.

Early childhood educators wear many hats throughout the day. To encourage individual learning each day, our educators nurture, empathise, support and create. This year, our Elizabeth Street team were delighted and humbled to receive the NSW/ACT ‘Team G Star’ Award – this just goes to show what an amazing team they are!

Learn more about Guardian Elizabeth Street Early Learning Centre

To discover more about this incredible early learning centre in Sydney’s CBD, or to book a tour, head here.

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