3rd February 2017

Lovely Learning at Martin Place

At Martin Place Early Learning Centre, we’re proud of our diversely rich educational program. Since the first footprints on our welcome mat in 2014, we’ve built a large family of caring and qualified educators to implement the Guardian Curriculum and develop strong relationships with children and their families.

At the heart of the bright and beautiful Martin Place centre are two large open spaces – one for children under two and one for children two plus – all with a common outdoor area. These spaces are all designed to provide a variety of productive and meaningful resources to engage every child’s natural curiosity.

Our educators collaborate with the children to invent and implement new experiences that fully utilise our spaces. As you drop off and pickup throughout the year, you’ll notice that we’ve put the children’s learnings up on the walls so that you, our educators, community visitors and children can all revisit these experiences.

At Martin Place, we encourage children to explore their creativity and guide their development every day through play. As they use their imaginations, our educators are always close by to help facilitate their individual learning styles. We believe in respecting each child’s rights by asking them to make choices about their day while also ensuring they have the information they need to make a good decision.

With ceiling to floor windows and the Martin Place corridor, our learners have connections to the wider community and often become curious about surrounding activities such as buses, delivery people, posties and even the occasional busker. Most of all, we love our location because it allows us to join in local events and with many of our families working within walking distance, they can participate in the program.

One of our favourite activities at Martin Place is our ‘loose parts’ project. In collaboration with our families, as well as our partnership with the café downstairs, we collect items which we then reuse as part of our Sustainability Plan. In playing and learning with items, we’ve used them in literacy and numeracy experiences – from money in the shop to badges in the fire station.

This is just one example of the many opportunities the children at Martin Place have to engage in mathematical thinking and learning. They create and replicate patterns, count, sort and classify, learn one-to-one correspondence and engage in conversations to explain their thinking and learning. It is a joy to watch them hearing and trying out new vocabulary, then applying their knowledge and understanding into new experiences.

Because relationships are central at Martin Place, our educators aim to make both children and their families feel at home by creating a warm and welcoming environment. In addition to providing you with an email or phone update during the day, we have an open door policy which means you’re always welcome to pop in. Come in and meet our wonderful team and experience the unique and caring environment at Martin Place Early Learning for yourself.

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