27th September 2017

A Creative Approach to Developing Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years

Developing literacy and numeracy in the early years is so much more than simply rote learning the ABCs and 123s. Guardian’s contemporary view on literacy, numeracy means we create learning experiences for children that build on their unique interests and ways of learning, which helps to form a lifelong love of learning.

The team at Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Underwood truly embrace this way of learning. Julie Goodall, Educational Leader at the centre says, “Educators at Jacaranda support children in their developing numeracy and literacy skills by creating meaningful provocations that ignite children’s curiosity in a meaningful way.”

She goes on to say, “Options for literacy and numeracy are offered every day in an array of different ways such as name tags with print and photos, books being read numerous times, and story stones created from their favourite stories.” And that’s just to name a few.

Literacy and numeracy at Jacarand Underwood

By providing print-rich environments with a selection of words, numbers and symbols as well as home languages encouraged and evident within the rooms, the children are immersed in literacy and numeracy every day.

Julie adds, “Our infant and toddlers are sung to and read stories and painting is offered with age appropriate media. Junior Kindergarten children have used an interest in the worm farm to add numeracy into their daily routine by measuring the worms.”

Early learning at Jacaranda Underwood

The highly skilled educators spend a great deal of time planning experiences and setting up spaces in order to create rich learning opportunities. From the literacy table that offers a wide variety of mark making media including pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and paper types to the interior and exterior art areas to our well designed natural environment where children experience sounds and textures, every day offers more learning opportunities.

At the moment, each room is undertaking their own literacy and numeracy projects which include exploring “what is nature” in the Kindergarten room, “why do volcanoes erupt and what made the dinosaurs run away?” in the Senior Kindergarten room, “why do worms like us?” in the Junior Kindergarten room and “what lives under the sea?” in the Toddlers and Nursery rooms.

Early learning at Jacaranda Underwood

Even the educators are embarking on their own project which focusses on understanding how children develop an ecological identity within the urban environment. This idea was taken from the Reggio Emilia Conference in Sydney 2017 and sees Julie driving this professional development project at the centre.

By creating these frameworks for literacy and numeracy development, we are providing children with a strong base for future learning. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of the projects at Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Underwood!

Early learning at Jacaranda Underwood

Learn more about Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Underwood

This wonderful early learning centre in Brisbane has plenty of bright open spaces ideal for children to run, play and explore. The outdoor spaces features a sandpit, water play area as well as grassed areas and inside, the resource rich environments provide endless play opportunities. The centre has recently held some exciting events at their centre including Science Week, Book Week with a performance from the Queensland Ballet, White Balloon Day advocating for children against sexual abuse and a big Father’s Day celebration.

To find out more about the centre and to book a tour, head here.

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