20th February 2018

Kinderling Conversations at Guardian Barangaroo

Kinderling Conversations at Guardian Barangaroo

At Guardian, part of our Curriculum focusses on the respect of and learning about Indigenous culture. Through experiences such as incursions where a member of the local Indigenous community comes to visit, to Acknowledgement of Country, to various other cultural experiences, we ensure children are given an opportunity to gain a respect for Indigenous culture in their early years.

Recently, Kinderling writer, Shevonne Hunt visited our Barangaroo centre to explore whether babies and toddlers really understand the concept of “cultural respect” and to see how educators incorporate Indigenous learning at the centre and explore their own ways of connecting with culture.

We were excited to be a part of this Kinderling story and to share with her the interesting ways our educators integrate cultural learnings at the centre.

Listen to the full story here.