10th April 2017

It’s a Jungle Out There at This Kids Club

Playdays Rouse Hill Kids Club

Every day is a play day at Kids Club at Rouse Hill. Offering before and after school care and vacation care, this childcare centre in Sydney is a “home away from home” and a place where children can learn, explore and play. The jungle-like outdoor area is hugely popular and there’s always something to discover in the garden.

“The garden has been a great way to connect to the community as it gets loads of comments from our families and passers by. We discuss the different foods we can make with our produce, we offer produce to families or the children pick and sell the produce to raise money for the Starlight Foundation,” comments 2IC, Emily Van Praag.

“Our fantastic garden currently produces LOADS of basil and mint which smells amazing!” says Emily. With eggplants, tomatoes, a mulberry tree, marigolds, spinach, celery and a few other things for such a small space the garden really thrives.

During the warmer months the giant passionfruit vine produced lots of fruit which was used to make refreshing passionfruit and orange juice on the hot days. The children love harvesting, washing and preparing fruit, even if it’s just cherry tomatoes with afternoon tea.

At this time of year we are planning on ‘resetting’ the soil during the holidays. Emily says, “We are learning that if we overwork our garden it doesn’t do us any favours, so it is good to strip it back and fertilise the soil.”

Sustainability is a huge part of Kids Club at Rouse Hill and they try to minimise waste as much as possible because, as one child notes, “We need to make sure the world is just as beautiful when we leave, if not more beautiful.”

To contribute to the centre’s sustainability measures, they have added a worm farm, compost bin and rain gauges to the garden. The worm farm helps to reduce food waste and the children enjoy watching the worms as they wiggle their way through the food scraps. The compost bin helps to reduce waste at the centre and the rain gauges to collect water to use on the garden – these gauges have certainly been getting a work out in this weather!

Playdays Rouse Hill Kids Club

A new garden project

The team at Kids Club at Rouse Hill are about to undertake an exciting new project over the next few months. They’ve been allocated a piece of land at the back of their building that they can clear and turn into a magical sensory/cultural garden. Emily says, “We hope to have an Aboriginal bush tucker section, fairy gardens and a mud kitchen!”

Right now they are discussing the plans with the children and will be drawing up their own ‘blueprints’ and ideas for what they should include. The goal is to make this a big community project and have Bunnings and a local TAFE come out and join in. Watch this space!

Vacation care

Looking for vacation care in Sydney? Kids Club at Rouse Hill provides excellent vacation care for children. With excursions, incursions, fun programs and meals, it’s the ideal place for your child to spend their holidays. Coming up at vacation care, there’s bowling, bush tucker cooking classes, Easter eggs hunts, Bollywood dancing and much more!

Learn more about Kids Club at Rouse Hill

Kids Club at Rouse Hill offers before and after school care and vacation care for children from five years to 12 years old. Breakfast and afternoon tea is provided daily and children are encouraged to help themselves and cook their own toast etc. – it’s a great opportunity for children to learn how to serve themselves and understand portioning. With plenty of team-based games to play, programs to get involved in and opportunities to enjoy some quiet time, Kids Club at Rouse Hill is a wonderful place for your child. Head here to find out more.