14th February 2018

Little Bookworms! Jacaranda Sunnybank’s Local Library Visits

Library visits Jacaranda Sunnybank

Building literacy skills is an important part of the learning journey at every one of Guardian’s early learning centres. Through a wide range of experiences, such as local library visits, we scaffold on children’s interests and skills to develop a strong foundation for literacy development.

Angie Westerdale, Centre Manager at Jacaranda Sunnybank in Brisbane says, “Reading is a great way for children to form bonds with adults and other children. Reading and storytelling helps promote language (understanding and replication of sounds and words), literacy (words, reading left to right, understanding and making meaning of pictures (decoding), and general brain development, and understanding the difference between real and make believe.”

Library visits Jacaranda Sunnybank

With this in mind, the educators at this early learning centre organised a library visit so the children could experience how a library works and to explore a whole new world of books. The children already demonstrated a love of books at the centre, so this was an ideal extension to the children’s learning.

Jumping on the bus, the bus driver (who does before and after school care runs and home pickups and drop offs) drove small groups of the children and educators to the library. There they were greeted by the librarian who gave the children a tour of the library. The librarian showed the children what a library card is and explained how it works. She then asked the children to select a book each, helped them scan it as if they were borrowing it, then the children returned their books by placing them into the return shoot.

Library visits Jacaranda Sunnybank

Library visits Jacaranda Sunnybank

Then the children were taken back behind the counter to see what happens when the books are returned and the process that happens. By doing this with the children, they were learning about the processes at the library, so that when they did go to the library with their family, they would be familiar with how it works and excited about the concept of borrowing books too.

According to Angie, the most loved books at the centre are:

  • The Wonky Donkey
  • Going On A Bear Hunt
  • Norman the Slug With A Funny Shell
  • The Book With No Pictures

The Benefits of Going on Excursions

Venturing out into the local community has a multitude of benefits, not only do children get to explore the world outside the four walls of the centre, they develop their own identity within the community and experience different parts and people of the local area – including the librarians at the council library!

Learn More About Jacaranda Sunnybank

To find out more about this early learning centre in Brisbane or to book yourself in for a tour, head here. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the centre!