5th November 2018

Invention and Exploration at River Garden


Located in the heart of South Yarra, River Garden – A Guardian Early Learning Centre provides children with a range of innovative, creative and collaborative early learning opportunities. Some of these opportunities have been made even more elaborate with the creation of the Invention Centre.

Created by Educator, Peter White, the Invention Centre allows for children to experiment with their ideas using tools and open-ended materials.

We’ve taken a few minutes to chat with Peter about what inspired the Centre, the importance of creativity and what’s next for the children at Guardian River Garden.

Hi Peter, first thing’s first, what inspired you to create the Invention Centre?

With the ever changing world of technology and global connectedness, I’ve seen a disconnect with some children having practical knowledge and imagination with the application of tools.

Aside from this knowledge being useful, exploring tools and their uses allows for children to think critically and creatively, as well as developing their collaborative teamwork skills.

children working in Invention Centre at River Garden

How does the Invention Centre tie in with the educational program at Guardian River Garden?

The Invention Centre helps facilitate learning and exploration, as well as contributing to each child’s practice of numeracy and literacy.

With our educational program and Invention Centre combined, the centres Educators can intertwine a range of creative activities to encourage exploration, learning and growth and they aren’t limited by materials or their imagination!

invention centre at River Garden

What’s next for the Invention Centre?

I’m excited to see what’s in store for the Invention Centre.

We’re combining previous knowledge and new information, the ability to observe, analyse, and identify problems and the utilisation of critical-thinking skills to find appropriate and workable solutions.

We’ve planned to have weekly sessions focused on our inventors, the inventions, and the process of inventing, requiring our children to utilise all those skills in productive and enjoyable ways.

Outside of the Invention Centre, over the next few weeks we’re hosting a Kindergarten information evening for new parents, working alongside our local primary school to encourage a smooth transition to school and teaching Spanish lessons at the centre!

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