5th July 2019

In Conversation with Jo Manager of Munro Street

child playing with light box at Munro Street

Jo is the Manager for Munro Street, a light-filled centre which features two large outdoor spaces, vegetable gardens, a worm farm and natural play structures. Jo took a few minutes out of her busy day to share insights on her career background, her education approach and a few fun facts.

Jo, Centre Manager of Munro Street

Tell us about your time working in early childcare and education so far and what inspires you each day?

I have been in the industry for nine years now. I started out as a trainee and worked my way up before moving to Darwin in a 2IC position. Darwin was very different to Brisbane, and living and working there opened my eyes to a lot, and gave me some truly valuable experiences. Upon returning to Brisbane, I was offered a 2IC role at Munro Street and later moved into a management position.

During my time as an Educator, I’ve learnt how capable children are. Before working for Guardian, I worked at a variety of other childcare companies – none who were as passionate about the children as Guardian are. Working at Munro Street has shown me first hand how capable children are as little learners. Every day is a surprise because it’s so different and can’t be compared to yesterday or tomorrow.

I’m inspired by the children and my fellow Educators, as each of our team members brings something unique to the service. In my leadership role, I’m inspired by being a role model for my team and helping them on their journey.

What have you learnt about children during your early childcare and education career and how would you sum up your approach/passion to helping them on their learning, emotional, social and life journey?

I’ve learnt that every child is unique in their own way and that they all learn differently. Some take longer to learn, some are quieter than others and some simply don’t operate on a linear learning path. There’s no right or wrong way and it’s our job as Educators to figure out what approach works best for each child. That being said, taking a play-based approach to learning always helps children uncover new possibilities at a pace and style with which they’re comfortable with.

What are you most excited about working with children on/teaching children about and why?

I’m always encouraging my team of Educators to embrace the children’s cultures, and including the parents in every step of their learning journey. I also feel it’s really valuable for children to learn about each other’s cultures alongside learning about their own. Inclusivity is very important to me.

5 quick fun facts about Jo

  1. I’m an NRL fanatic and love the Broncos!
  2. If I could be anywhere in the world it would be on a farm with a billion dogs – I’m definitely a crazy dog lady.
  3. I love being outdoors and involved in sport.
  4. I probably talk too much.
  5. I’m very family orientated.

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