5th April 2017

The Importance of Qualified Early Learning Teachers at Mentone

Guardian Early Learning Mentone Melbourne

Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Mentone is a childcare centre in Melbourne that provides high quality childcare with their team of qualified and experienced early learning teachers and educators. We chat to Centre Manager, Briana Thorne about the centre’s Early Childhood Teachers (ECTs) and why having skilled educators is beneficial to children.

How many Early Childhood Teachers do you have at Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Mentone?

We have three qualified ECTs in our service. Inez Samborsky and Min Fong our Kindergarten teachers and Jemma Liddle-Mulvaney who is room leader of our Toddler room. Min and Inez have been co-teaching our four year old kindergarten program for four years together and this year have expanded into the three year old program as well. We also have Stacey Constantine who is close to the completion of her Bachelor degree and works in the Nursery and Toddler rooms.

What are the benefits of having qualified Early Childhood Teachers?

ECTs have vast skills and expertise in relation to their knowledge of children’s development, educational theories and pedagogical strategies and styles. ECTs have undertaken extensive practical studies and placements to hone their skills and abilities and all come to us with knowledge of their own.

What projects have you been working on lately?

We have recently been engaged in several projects at Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Mentone. In our outdoor yard we have a bird that made a nest and laid some eggs. The children watched with fascination as one day there were eggs and the next there were baby birds. This has been extended and we will be having chicken hatching coming in the next few weeks so children can observe how the eggs develop and hatch. In addition to this, the children have done explorations on feathers, birds and native animals.

Recently, a parent brought in a possum in a cage for the children to see which sparked another project. The children have been exploring possums, various healthy foods and an assortment of arts, crafts and sensory experiences to construct their own possums and their habitats.

Learn more about Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Mentone

With plenty of bright, custom-designed spaces, children at Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Mentone are able to explore, play and learn with the support of dedicated educators. We grow and pick vegetables from our own veggie patch, undertake sustainability projects and have a great time learning about wildlife, farm animals and insects with our wildlife incursions!

To learn more about this wonderful childcare centre and to book yourself in for a tour, head here.

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