2nd June 2017

Hot Off The Press | Guardian Vacation Care Children Create Newspaper

Guardian Vacation Care

This just in, Guardian Vacation Care children make their own newspaper… and news program!

Over the course of the Guardian Vacation Care program this April, the children collaborated to create The Weekly News, a centre specific newspaper highlighting the biggest news stories for that week including some more “creative” pieces of news.

We go to our reporter on the ground (AKA our Vacation Care leader), Talia Lesiw, who brings us this report.

Guardian Vacation Care Guardian Vacation Care Guardian Vacation Care

The Weekly News is our favourite news source for Vacation Care news updates. This was originally started during our first program and was initially a newspaper that would get passed around Vacation Care to read. This newspaper often featured the Educators as part of the headlines… and let me tell you, we apparently got up to a lot of mischief! Well, according to the newspaper anyway.

The newspaper continued to grow through the Vacation Care adding more writers and editors. The children then decided to take it further and develop their News Program, which has currently has had one and a half shows. The other half will be completed next Vacation Care and we’re looking forward to seeing the final product. We absolutely love the friendships these children have formed and the way they can return to activities during the next school holiday program – almost picking up where they left off. We cannot wait for the next edition of the The Weekly News.

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