6th December 2019

Guardian Munro Street Celebrate 2019 Kindergarten Graduation

Munro Street Kindergarten Graduation

On November 29, the Kindergarten children at Guardian Childcare & Education Munro Street came together with their families and Educators to celebrate their year together.

Here, Educational Leader, Danielle, reflects on the evening and the many achievements that were celebrated. 

“The Kindergarten Graduation was a moment for us to celebrate each child before they head off into their continued learning journey at school.

Each child was celebrated in multiple ways, from a congratulations window collage, gallery display of portraits, a collection of photographs from the year, to a presentation that highlighted and recognised each child individually.  

Each child listened with great intent as the Kindergarten Teacher, Jess, shared personal statements about them and their achievements. 

kindergarten graduation artwork

Delight, pride, honour and joy were all visible during Jess’ presentation, their moment of celebration. At the end of the presentation the children were presented with their folio, a framed photo and symbolic gift that represented the theme, ‘to nurture and to grow’.

The event was a huge success with lots of positive feedback from the families. Many of the families shared how special it felt and how wonderful it was to see their child celebrated and recognised.

Not only did we celebrate the greatness that each child brings to the learning space, but we also celebrated Jess. Jess’ passion and dedication to the Kindergarten children and her role as a teacher was evident at every touchpoint.

presents at Kindergarten graduation

Her considerations on how to celebrate each child was visible through the display of the children’s portraits and the collection of photographs from the year. The image of the child was strongly respected and valued, which made the night even more meaningful. 

Jess was presented with flowers, a card, chocolates and a special gift that was created by the Kindergarten children.

I would like to give thanks to Jess and the team at Munro Street that all contributed to make tonight special for the children and their families.”

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