8th April 2020

Guardian Mulgrave South Children Create Art for Local Doctors, Nurses and Businesses

children writing letters for local heroes

Over the past year, Guardian Childcare & Education Mulgrave South has been building valuable connections with their local community, and in light of the recent stress of COVID-19, wanted to give back.

“We have seen COVID-19 impact both our surrounding community and the lives of our families, and it’s been tough to navigate,” shares Educational Leader, Melanie.

“During a recent discussion with the children, we spoke about our local heroes, such as doctors, nurses, and scientists, who are all working hard to look after everyone and make a vaccine for the virus.”

“The children then decided to create some bright and colourful pictures to say thank you, and asked the Educators to write messages of hope to go with their artwork.”


The children got to work creating cheerful pictures and letters for the staff at Clayton Medical Hospital and Dandenong Hospital, which were delivered by family members who are nurses at the facilities.

“After creating pictures for the doctors and nurses, the children realised that we could do more, we could also brighten the days of the businesses near our Centre too,” says Melanie.

“The team supported the children with a list of shops in the area and then delivered their finished pictures to local businesses.” 

“We were able to see first-hand how emotional and thankful the shop staff were, and later received an email from one of the nurses in our community who shared that the children’s pictures helped motivate the hospital team to keep going.”

local store staff receiving letter from childcare

The project has strengthened the Centre’s partnerships with their families and children, and has given the team a greater sense of purpose during a challenging time.

“The families were very proud of their children and of us as Educators for supporting their children with an experience like this,” shares Melanie.

“We’ve been sharing photos with them on Storypark and at the Centre, so they could see exactly what we’ve been doing and how the children have really championed the project.”

To further connect with their community, Melanie and the team are exploring a series of Zoom projects, which will result in bringing group time, story time and music time to families at home.

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