10th October 2019

Guardian Charlotte Street Participates in Brisbane’s School Strike 4 Climate

child holding sign at climate strike

On September 20, the children at Guardian Childcare & Education Charlotte Street joined over 30,000 people at Queens Garden for Brisbane’s School Strike 4 Climate march. 

“At Charlotte Street, we believe that children are global citizens with rights – that they are strong, rich, and capable of understanding and contributing to complex issues that affect them,” says Stephanie, Lead Educator.

“School Strike 4 Climate is, at its heart, about giving voice to young people in the fight for climate justice. There is no one that will be more affected by the decisions made surrounding environmental infrastructure than the children in our care, and I felt it was important that they understand the power of their active involvement in issues such as this.”

Stephanie and the team are strong advocates for a child’s right to have an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously, so when the 2019 climate strike was arranged they were excited to give the children the option to attend.

children painting signs for climate strike

“For the past 18 months, the pre-kindergarten children at Charlotte Street have been engaged in conversations around conservation and environmental action. Their attendance at the protest was a natural extension of this learning and an opportunity for us to call for action from adults in our community and our government,” says Stephanie.

“Our discussion around the protest centered on the power of a collective voice, and we explored protest signs as part of this. The children created two signs with messages they felt were important: one, a call to protect the reef, and the other, a plea to save our rainforests.” 

Through sustained project learning, the children now understand the impacts of habitat destruction, and are most concerned about the danger to animals in changing climates and through human impact. 

children wearing vests at climate strike

Participating in the march also provided an opportunity for the children to engage with literacy in a practical way. They discussed, drafted, and designed the signs, which read ‘THIS is the World We WANT’ and ‘Please Save Our Forests’.

“The children and families of the pre-kindergarten group have been part of several eco-focused projects this year and are actively involved in conversations with Educators around the issues of climate change, plastic pollution, clean energy, and conservation,” explains Stephanie.

“Our families are incredibly supportive and further our program by thoughtfully and honestly discussing big issues at home and at the centre. When the idea of joining the march was proposed they met us with an immediately positive response.”

sign at climate strike

As the pre-kindergarten children regularly explore the Brisbane CBD on excursions, they felt comfortable venturing out into the urban setting and participating in the march.

“We have had many, many conversations around the ways in which people impact the environment. As we approached the school strike, we reframed this and considered how we could make our impact positive,” says Stephanie.

“We look forward to continuing our discussions on climate change and how we can make both personal and systemic changes as citizens of the world.”

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