13th April 2017

Dedicated Educators, an Octo-pram and a Creepy Crawly!

Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah is a wonderful childcare centre in the Shire with lots of natural light and high ceilings indoors and plenty of open space to explore and play outside. We talk to Centre Manager, Hannah Barnett to find out what’s been happening at the centre and to get to know a couple of their team members.

Meet Greg, the Educational Leader at Caringbah

Childcare centre in Caringbah

Our new octopram and Gregory Yum.

Gregory Yum, Caringbah’s educational leader works in the nursery group and has been with Guardian for five years. In 2015 he received the Guardian Educator of the Year award which was a great acknowledgement towards his pedagogical practices and inspired him to reach for higher goals.

Having worked across all age groups, Greg is passionate about breaking the boundaries between the nursery and older children, enabling and supporting both educators, families, and the children to understand and see them as the capable little people they are. Greg does this through his engagement with the children by facilitating learning experiences that challenge their skills and support them to flourish, while nurturing strong bonds and respectful interactions. Greg enjoys engaging the children in physical movement and ensuring the children have opportunity to be active throughout the day.

His goal for the year is to continue to guide and strengthen the educators at Caringbah to build a meaningful Curriculum for each child that nurtures their individual strengths, capabilities and interests.

When he’s not at work, Greg is at the beach or playing sport. He’s also looking forward to getting married this year and settling into the area.

Meet Peta, the Assistant Centre Manager at Caringbah

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Caringbah

Peta has been with Guardian for almost three years and is currently the Assistant Centre Manager at Caringbah. Peta works in the toddler space and is deeply interested in involving children in their own pedagogy and documentation, supporting them to become active contributors to their personal Curriculum while guiding and assisting educators in understanding this.

Through asking children to reflect on the week’s experiences and talk about what they have enjoyed and what they felt they have learnt, Peta enables them to be actively engaged in their own learning. Peta caters these reflections to the individual children in a room and supports their own personal communication strengths to keep them engaged, involved, and interested.

Peta’s goal for the year is to create a space where children are able to display their confidence, sense of belonging and agency from the minute they set foot into the service.

Peta is currently living with her parents, her daughter Adalyn and her two cavoodles, Noodle and Nyx. In her spare time she enjoys reading and volunteering as a firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service.

A brand new creepy crawly!

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Caringbah

Centre Manager, Hannah Barnett, shares, “At the moment we are exploring leaf insects in the nursery. The children are becoming inquisitive about the little creatures in their space and are developing their growing respect for the environment and the relationship between nature and human life.

Each day the nursery children engage in watering the habitat, replacing the leaf mulch and tree for them to feed off and ensuring they are safe and nurtured. This has been a bit of a challenge for some of our educators and families alike, getting used to a spiny six-legged insect occupying spaces in the room! However, we are encouraging our families and educators to engage with it on a daily basis to support children’s confidence. At the beginning of the first week most children were hesitant to touch the insect, but now they are visiting the habitat daily and even placing their hand into the enclosure to try to pet it!”

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Caringbah

Update: While we loved our stick insects they are no longer at the centre but have been replaced with fish upstairs.

Learn more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah

This childcare centre in Sydney provides high quality early learning in custom-designed spaces. Excursions around the local community are a fun feature of the centre where the children explore the area in their recently acquired octo-pram (which seats eight children!).

The bright and open spaces offer an excellent environment for children to learn, develop and play, with a team of dedicated educators there to support and facilitate children’s learning.

To read more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah and to book yourself in for a tour, head here.

A note from a family

I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing job you all do with the children in your care. 

Since taking over the centre last year we are greeted by friendly, passionate and nurturing educators who clearly want the best for our son. Since the changes, we can see our son developing into a confident and happy child which is reflected every day in the StoryPark photos and stories that are shared with us. We love seeing the children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the ‘game of life’. I believe each child is made to feel special and unique whilst providing structure in readiness of school years ahead, learning to build on both their strengths and weaknesses.

Your passion for children and desire to ensure the best possible care for them shines every day and we can’t thank you enough and feel extremely blessed for our son to be a part of your centre.

K & R McIlwain

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