12th December 2019

Guardian Bruce Fundraise for Fire Service with Dress Ups and Bake Sale

child using fire service truck hose

After the community at Guardian Early Learning Bruce shared their wishes to support local firefighters, the team organised a dress up day and bake sale to raise awareness and funds for the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), QLD RFS and Red Cross.

Centre Manager, Siobhan, and Educational Leader, Hayley, share details of the fundraiser, the Centre’s visit from Aranda firefighters, and what the children have been learning in response to it.

“It was really lovely to see the children dressed up as their favourite heroes. The children and Educators came as doctors, police officers, builders, nurses, and their favourite superheroes,” shares Hayley.

The event was a great opportunity to start a conversation around heroes and to explain that they can be more than just Superman and Batman.”

Educator and child dressed up for fire service fundraiser

“We also spoke about who we were helping with the fundraiser, such as the local firefighters,” adds Siobhan.

“We discussed what firefighters do, why they are heroes and who they help. The children pointed out that they also rescue native animals such as koalas.”

In addition to the dress up day gold coin donation, the Educators also ran a bake sale, where they sold homemade treats in the Centre foyer. Together, the Centre’s community raised over $100 for the RFS and Red Cross.

bake sale for fire service fundraiser

“We also had a very exciting visit from several firefighters from the Aranda fire service base,” says Siobhan.

“They set up their fire truck in our car park and the children were able to walk through the truck, try on uniforms and even had a turn at spraying the hose.”

“One child even asked ‘can we please spray the water into the garden, so we don’t waste the water?’, which was a proud moment for us.”

As part of the curriculum, the children have been learning about the world around them and the various events that are happening across Australia. 

Aranda fire service visited Bruce childcare

“These conversations broaden children’s understanding of the world in which they live and provide opportunities for children to share their ideas and participate in meaningful ways through group discussions,” explains Siobhan. 

“It’s led us to explore topics such as everyday heroes, what volunteers and emergency service workers do, and how we can be local heroes in our daily lives.”

Since hosting the fundraiser, the children have been eager to learn more about firefighters and how they can help out. Siobhan and the team are hoping to have a firefighter attend their next fire drill, so they can host a safety talk for the children.

children in fire truck

“We are also planning to bake some treats for our local fire station and bring drawings to thank them for attending and for all they do in the community,” says Siobhan.

“Everyone at Bruce is so grateful for the hard work our local firefighters and volunteers have been doing, and it feels good to show our support and give back.”