17th July 2018

Greener Futures at The Pavilion in Sydney’s CBD

Sustainability at The Pavilion

When Sydney childcare centre, The Pavilion reopened earlier in the year, it was decided that sustainability should not only be embedded in the program, but be a core component of their philosophy, values and curriculum. And so far, everyone at the centre is getting on board with it!

Educator Erin Freeburn says they are rethinking waste at The Pavilion Early Learning Centre and are looking for ways they can support families to as well. Firstly, they made the decision to not use single use cling wrap and have opted for long lasting, reusable containers to store foodstuffs and items around the centre. Going even further, the centre is reducing the use of single use plastic nappy bags and have introduced wet bags for families to transport wet or soiled clothes home safely.

Out in the garden they have planted native plants such as Pig’s Face and have started to focus on their edible garden. Erin says they are paying attention to seasonal planting and harvesting calendars and embedding this knowledge into their programs for children and families. They can’t wait to try some of the herbs and veggies that (hopefully!) grow in the garden!

Sustainability at The Pavilion

“We have documentation panels installed in our indoor spaces to enable us to display children, educators and families work, ideas and contributions without always having to use lamination,” says Erin. “We have also begun to use upcycled items to display documentation such as wooden coat hangers to reduce items going to landfill and using more plastic coverings.”

Having a more sustainable approach to daily life has also become a focus for the educators at the centre. They’re using their reusable coffee cups and are bringing in their own lunch without plastic cling wrap, holding each other accountable in their use of single use plastics.

“We want to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’,” says Erin.

Learn more about The Pavilion Early Learning Centre

This newly reopened childcare centre in the heart of the CBD offers high quality education for young children. To find out more or to book yourself in for a tour at this friendly and sustainable centre, head here.

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