Guardian Moorabbin Builds Connections with Local School and TAFE

children playing on playground on an excursion

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Guardian Childcare & Early Learning – Moorabbin have built strong social connections with their local primary school and TAFE through regular excursions.

Centre Manager, Karl, shared more about the connections and how regular excursions are benefiting both the children and the centre.

“We’ve organised regular excursions to two locations in our neighbourhood,” explains Karl.

“The first is our local TAFE, which is actually on the same road as us. All of the children get to go there regularly. The second is St Catherine’s, where we take the kinder children on weekly outings. Our weekly trips help them familiarise with a school environment and get to know some of the local teachers.”

children lining up outside building for an excursion

The excursion program began with discussions between the Educators and families on picking specific locations, which then led to completing risk assessments and introducing the children to each location.

“Now that the excursions are embedded in our program and the children are confident and enjoying their time in the community, we are looking to expand our offerings,” shares Karl.

“We’re planning to welcome representatives from both the TAFE and St Catherine’s to visit the children at the centre. It will be particularly beneficial for the kinder children, as they’ll be able to learn more about school readiness and expectations while being in a familiar environment.”

The team at Moorabbin had several goals for the excursion program, including becoming an active part of the community, making connections and showcasing the centre and their offerings.

children playing on playground on an excursion

“We want the children to feel a part of the community and have a strong sense of ownership. Not only are our excursions helping achieving this, but they’re allowing the children to explore their part in the world and how they can become active global citizens,” shares Karl.

The children at Moorabbin are actively involved in planning excursions, and now consider going to the “big school” as a rite of passage for the kinder children.

“Visiting St Catherine’s has become something of a tradition at the centre now,” says Karl.

“Each year, the pre kinder children will hear the kinder children chatting about their excursions, which then gets them excited for their turn. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the children’s attitudes towards preparing for school, as the visits make the transition to school feel like less of a challenge.”

children lining up inside school on an excursion

During their weekly visits, the children enjoy story time and get to explore the school grounds. 

“Over the course of the year, the kinder children become familiar with the layout of the school, and learn about the shift in social systems,” explains Karl.

“It’s a very different atmosphere to being in childcare, particularly as the kinders are the oldest at our centre. When they go to school they move back to being the youngest in a new environment.”

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