1st February 2017

Cultivating Curiosity at Margaret Street

Margaret St Outdoors

As one of the smaller centres within the Guardian Child Care family, Margaret Street has a rare offering: a cosy and nurturing environment within the busy Sydney CBD. From six weeks to six years old, it’s an inner city haven where children can learn, discover and explore their natural sense of curiosity.

Because of its smaller size, this exceptional child care and early learning centre isn’t daunting and overwhelming. Introduce your child to a learning environment, surrounded by our family of educators who develop strong relationships with them and their families.

Even though we’re smaller in size, we still have lots of space for children of all ages to seek out experiences that interest them. Our three indoor rooms and a gorgeous partially-covered outdoor space lets them follow their curiosity through all seasons.

Our thoughtfully designed outdoor area means children can connect with and learn from nature, bringing sustainability into focus. In addition to a bark garden, herb garden and worm farm, we also have a fruitful vegetable garden and mini rainwater tank that shows the children how to help care for the gardens.

Margaret St Garden

The outdoor spaces at Margaret Street are interactive and encourage experimentation and exploration, with a range of tools to help challenge outside-the-square thinking. They’ll get the best of both worlds here – outstanding outdoor space with fresh air and natural light while also being able to safely look out onto the street to observe the frenetic comings and goings of city life.

We’ve found that the children love to watch what’s happening in the real world and are often fascinated by the buses, taxis, commuters, changing traffic lights and even the occasional fire truck that whizzes by. By observing this on a regular basis, they forge stronger connections with the community and establish a sense of belonging within their city.

Our family of caring and professional educators are always inventing and implementing experiences that build on individual interests. As the children become aware of the construction works that are visible from our centre, we invited the workers from the Wynyard site to respond to their curiosity about the cranes they’ll be using and get them creatively involved with a competition to ‘Name The Crane.’

If you’re looking for a child care and early learning centre that feels like a home away from home, make sure you visit Margaret Street, Sydney. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere is fostered by nurturing and experienced educators who honour the voice of children. The bright, nature-inspired spaces, structures and experiences allow your child to harness unlimited opportunities to learn, discover and explore. Book a tour today!

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