23rd March 2017

A Focus on Community and Curriculum at Acre Woods Pymble

Acre Woods Pymble has been a fixture in the Pymble community for a decade. With a stable team, many of whom have been at the centre for over five years (with one at the centre for ten years!), this childcare centre in Sydney prides itself on its caring, experienced and long-standing educators. Altogether, our staff have over 80 years experience in the early childhood industry.

Centre Manager, Kylie Davenport says, “Our team is very dedicated and passionate about the education of young children and strive to create an engaging learning environment for all children.”

Engaging with the community

On the team there are a number of staff who speak another language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Malaysian, Japanese, Singhalese, Greek, and Filipino. Our educators enjoy sharing their language and culture with the children, as well as using these skills to help new children settle in who have English as a second language.

At Acre Woods Pymble we provide a play-based, interest-driven curriculum that focusses on the children as capable participants in our community and their learning. We incorporate our local community culture through events and family involvement.

Each month we send out a calendar to our families which incorporates a diverse range of events and reflects local community celebrations, children’s interests and parent participation. We’ve recently been involved in Clean Up Australia Day, International Day of Happiness, Harmony Day and World Water Day which are aimed at helping our children to become responsible global citizens.

To further engage with our families, we invite them to become part of the children’s education through sharing their hobbies and skills, such as cooking demonstrations, cultural dress and sports. It’s a great way to involve families and gives children exposure different cultures and communities.

A highlight of the year is the preschooler’s annual excursion to the local café where they head over in small groups and enjoy babycinos. The children love this experience and the local community really enjoy seeing the children come into the café.

Our curriculum

“We believe children need to learn and explore their ideas at their own pace to reach their full potential. This is provided through all our programs and learning environments,” says Kylie.

“We provide an age appropriate curriculum in all four of our rooms. Our goal is to encourage and support children to be capable and competent learners through play-based learning and intentional teaching.”

In order to assist with the transition to school, our Older Preschool Room encourages children to gain social and emotional competence to set the foundations for a love of learning and exploration.

What are your favourite things about Acre Woods Pymble?

Acre Woods Pymble poemAt the beginning of the year we asked the children to tell us some of their favourite things about Acre Woods Pymble, we used their quotes to form an acrostic poem.

A is for art, I like doing art

C is for the Chinese restaurant we created in home corner, which made me happy

R is for riding bikes

E is for everything, I like everything in Acre Woods

W is for getting wet on water play day

O is for the oranges at morning tea

O is for outside, where I like to play with the trucks

D is for the dumplings we cooked, for dancing and drawing

S is for the sandpit, sandcastles and Santa at our Christmas party

Learn more about Acre Woods Pymble

There’s a real focus on community and curriculum at Acre Woods Pymble. Supported by a team of long-standing educators, this childcare centre in Sydney is a wonderful place for a child to grow. To see the centre for yourself, book a tour here.

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