14th January 2020


Children at Darling View – Market Street Explore Wellness in Hyde Park

child and Educator playing at Hyde Park

Our Guardian centres are proud to offer a range of exciting programs around mindfulness and movement for children of all ages.

At Guardian Darling View – Market Street Early Learning Centre, the team have organised ‘Wellness in Hyde Park’ a weekly excursion into Sydney’s CBD where the children enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including yoga and meditation.

Educational Leader, Erika, shares details of the experiences and what the children get up to in Hyde Park every week.

“Every Friday, the children come to the Centre excited for the day ahead, as they know that we have an exciting excursion planned,” shares Erika.

“The children put on their special vests and check each other to make sure everyone has a tag before leaving the Centre.’

“Every time we walk up Market Street people around us brighten up and give us a wave and the employees of the local surrounding businesses always stop to say hello.”

child wearing hat and safety vest while doing yoga in Hyde Park

Together, with neighbouring Guardian Centre Queens View, the children and Educators make their way through Sydney’s CBD to Hyde Park. 

With a Octopram for the Nursery children, the entire Centre is able to participate in the regular excursions and explore their local area.

“Every time we come to Hyde Park we make sure to have a planned experience and allow plenty of time for the children to explore and lead their own learning,” explains Erika.

“Our favourite activity is yoga, where we lay out our yoga mats on the grass and stretch out our muscles. After yoga, the children enjoy meditation, where we close our eyes and listen to our surroundings.”

“Practicing yoga and meditation has so many benefits for children. It promotes the children’s development of self as they learn deep breathing, how to slow down and care for their own mind, body and spirit, as well as developing respect and appreciation for what the natural world provides for us.”

child wearing safety vest doing yoga in Hyde Park

Before heading back to the Centre, the children often love to explore the area, seeking out different varieties of plants and flowers, climbing trees, examining the statues or competing in running races.

As the excursions are based on the children’s interests, the Darling View team are able to host them spontaneously and take full advantage of the spacious natural environment on their doorstep.

“Seeing the world through the children’s eyes is an amazing thing. Every time we head out on an excursion, the children take interest in so many sights, sounds and experiences that we as adults often overlook,” says Erika.

“We get incredible feedback from the families too. They love that their children have the opportunity to get out into nature, despite being in the middle of the city.”

Erika and the team look forward to continuing their weekly excursions and further exploring Hyde Park and all it has to offer.