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Excursions invite children interact with the world around them. Being out and about in their community helps children to learn about their immediate environment. They are also able to practice life skills such as road safety.

In addition to promoting investigation and curiosity, excursions provide children with a chance to interact with their community and strengthen friendships. At Guardian we’re proud to provide additional opportunities for social and emotional development through our diverse ‘Out and About’ excursion programs.

Regular excursions are organised in many of our Centres, with the goal of expanding you child’s horizons. Children may have the opportunity to visit local parks, playgrounds, shops and even businesses such as dentists and doctors. We also often take our older children out and about to local primary schools as part of our ‘Moving On Up’ to school programs.

All of these interactions add to the richness of a child’s experience in care, and helps them understand their place in the world.

As a parent, what should I look for in an excursion program?

Make sure to ask the Centre you are visiting what kind of excursions they have on offer. Here at Guardian, we find it incredibly important to ensure the children are a part of the local community, so you can often find the children out exploring their local area.

‘Out and Abouts’ are also a large part of our Summer Learning Programs, which are offered at all Guardian Centres. The Summer Learning Programs are unique to each Guardian Centre and are tailored to the interests of the children involvedThese programs provide children with the opportunity to have a fun, social and engaging time at childcare during the holiday period, as they continue to learn. Our programs are also beneficial as they support families who need to work or have personal commitments over the summer period.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at the Guardian approach to excursions…

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