Children Review Guardian Marsfield’s Centre Philosophy

child wearing Guardian hat and writing outside, reviewing centre philosophy

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In a Centre first, the team at Guardian Childcare & Education Marsfield had the children dissect and explore their philosophy.

The idea for the review came up in a team meeting, where it was decided to include the children’s voices and values in the Centre’s updated philosophy.

“We believe that children are competent and capable learners, and should be given the opportunity to contribute to decisions that affect and matter to them,” says Educational Leader, Bitu.

“Having the children break down and question our philosophy was a wonderful experience and gave us a great insight into how it resonates with them.”

children sitting outside with Educator to review Centre philosophy

The review was hosted outdoors in the shade, in a small group of children. The Educators began the review by explaining what the philosophy meant and how the children could contribute to it. 

“Once the children understood what the philosophy is and its purpose at the Centre, we discussed the key points and reflected on how they are put into action,” shares Bitu.

“Then we talked about what aspects were important to the children, and what experiences they valued the most.”

child making notes on Centre philosophy

When reflecting on the philosophy and what they value at the Centre, the children listed their friends, particular learning experiences and activities, and learning spaces like the cubby and sandpit.

The children were then encouraged to draw a visual representation of the philosophy and discussed various words and phrases they found interesting or confusing in the document.

“Having the discussion meant we were able to lessen the gap between what the Educators and the children value, and get on the same page about what matters most to our community,” says Bitu.

children sitting outside in shade reviewing centre philosophy

“It was interesting to see how deeply the children value their relationships, especially with their friends at the Centre.” 

The philosophy review explored several learning outcomes, including:

  • Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.
  • Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media.

Bitu and the team are planning future philosophy reviews with the children, and look forward to incorporating their opinions and ideas into other Centre projects and learning programs.

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