10th April 2020


Chef at Guardian George Street Launches Online Cooking Classes

George Street chef helping child cut strawberries during cooking classes

Since joining Guardian Childcare & Education George Street in early 2020, Chef Kamille has been hosting weekly cooking classes with each age group at the Centre.

To adapt to life amid COVID-19, Kamille decided to expand her audience and create online cooking classes for families to access at home.

“Kamille has a background in food and nutrition and loves sharing her passion for cooking through healthy and nutritious experiences with the children,” shares Assistant Manager, Rhiannon.

“Children across the entire Centre love Kamille’s classes, and with several of our families in self-isolation, we wanted to make them accessible to everyone, from wherever they are.”

Chef Camille running cooking classes for children

Kamille welcomed the challenge to take her cooking classes digital, and quickly got to work creating a video class to share with families via Storypark.

“As a team, we have worked hard to support Kamille continuing her classes, as consistency is a strong focus in our weekly programs,” says Rhiannon.

“Kamille has tackled the online classes with ease and is bringing so much joy to families at our Centre.”

“Her first class taught families how to make banana bread, which was a huge hit.” 

“She is hoping to continue to expand on recipes by using some of the fruit grown in our garden, such as oranges, next.”

child smiling with hands in bowl of flour

After posting the banana bread class, the George Street team received an overwhelmingly positive response, with many families commenting on how simple and inviting Kamille had made the class.

“Our families are really excited to test out Kamille’s recipes, and we’re looking forward to hearing about their results and experiences on Storypark,” shares Rhiannon.

“We’ve also received some very sweet messages sharing that the children at home are excited to see Kamille in the videos.”

“The weekly cooking classes have seen Kamille and the children develop special bonds, and a mutual appreciation for food, so we’re pleased that we can continue the connection no matter where our children are.”

Kamille, Rhiannon and the team look forward to expanding their online class catalogue, and continuing weekly cooking experiences at the Centre.

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