A Walk in the Park for Margaret Street Early Learning Centre

Child from Guardian Margaret St looking out at water in park

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There are many benefits in having a childcare centre in the CBD. One such benefit is the seemingly endless options for exciting excursions. From trips to the nearby museum to visits to local businesses, every week presents something new for the children. Recently the children from Margaret Street took a walk to the park which was inspired by one of the books they had recently read. Educator, Joan Richardson, tells us about this excursion.
Children playing in park in city from Guardian Margaret Street

Our walk to the park

After reading the picture book, Millicent, a story about an old lady who feeds the pigeons at Hyde Park, I thought the children would gain more meaning from it if they saw for themselves what Millicent saw. We had some discussions and everyone decided they wanted to see the large fountain, the pigeons and to eat their snack on the seat just like Millicent.

After postponing the walk twice due to rain, we finally had a beautiful day for our excursion. Firstly, we looked at our map to see which way we would go. We applied sunscreen, found our hats and water bottles and set off along the busy, noisy streets. We saw emergency vehicles, rainbow vans and lots of buses!

Along the way we looked at some interesting architecture and artistic displays in the windows but we were most excited to see the Easter bunny and lots of eggs in the window of a big department store.

Finally, we arrived at the park and saw the big fountain. We were very interested in the way the water poured out of the statues. We also saw lots of birds but the ibis were the most interesting and annoying, especially while we were eating our morning tea! No-one showed much interest in pigeons after that.

We found a grassy area which looked perfect for running around and that is what we did for half an hour. There was even a giant tree with big roots on which we could practise our balancing.

We had a wonderful time.

What did the children learn from this excursion?

Margaret Street Early Learning Centre Sydney CBD

This excursion helped children to develop an interest in the natural and built world, that they belong to different communities and gave them confidence to move around their environment comfortably.

Learn more about Margaret Street Early Learning Centre

Margaret Street Early Learning Centre is an inner city sanctuary complete with its own large outdoor space and resource rich environments. The giant fort provides room for dramatic play and exploration and the garden is maintained by the children who love to water and feed it with worm juice from their worm farm.

The team of dedicated educators have been with the centre for a number of years and the centre is proud to provide breakfast which gives busy families the opportunity to spend time together before heading to work.

To find out more about this wonderful childcare centre in the CBD, and to book yourself in for a tour, head here.

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